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Weekly Events

Sunday,        December 16

Sunday School 9:30am

Worship 10:45am


Wednesday, December 19

Men's "Get Real Club" at Panera 8:30am

Thursday, December 20

D.A.W.N. Men's Bible Study at Paneras on 127 6:30am


What is the P.C.A.?  

If you notice our sign out front you will see that we are called "Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in America".   We have happily added our denomnational affilication to our name.  Why did we do this?   What does it mean to be "Presbyterian Church in America (P.C.A.)"?

There are many churches that carry the name "Presbyterian".  Many of these are wonderful churches and we would find common ground.  However, where we may differ is our stance on the Word of God and our committment to the Reformed heritage.   We believe that the Word of God is without error (or 'innerant') and is practical to today.   We also believe that the Gospel message is true and that Jesus is the only way to be saved. (John 14:6).   The gospel of Jesus is something we cherish each and every Sunday!  We also beleve very stronly in Reformed Theology, which sees the total depravity of man and the unconditional grace of Jesus given to repentant sinners.     

The P.C.A. denomiation began very humbly.   In the 1970's some men realized that churches within their bounds were simply not cherishing this same beleif.  Pastors were denying such things as the virgin birth and were not understanding the Bible as the inspired word of God.  Sadly, they noticed that the churches within their ranks seemed to be slipping away from the foundational tenants of the faith.  So, in 1973, after much prayer and tears, these men felt the need to break away from our mother denomination to form a new one....the Presbyterian Church in America.

Since then, the P.C.A. has expanded and grown greatly!   There are some 3,000 churches who carry this name with 600 missionaries around 60 nations of the world.   It is not a perfect denomination, but it is a great one who loves and cherishes the Gospel of Grace!   The P.C.A. centers itself around the authority of Scripture and the free offer of the Gospel.   We are very happy with our denomination as it stands firmly upon the Word of God!  

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